am thy angel, thy true saviour, the buckler f'r the chaos thee've hath lived so far.

the true h'ro of a mistold st'ry. Ev'ryone did paint me as the villain, and i'm h're to proveth ev'ryone wrong.

we hath met again, but this timeth i holdeth the handeth of someone who is't hast wenteth thru the 7 stages of heaven

thee wonneth't beest f'rgiven f'r thy sins. Or didst thee f'rget thy betrayal?

Anon, kneeleth bef're me! claimeth thy f'rgiveness as thee caterwauling and caterwauling

thee has't already done enow, and i knoweth thee wanteth m're and m're

but thy kingdom of chaos and blood hast end'd

and thy corse shall roteth at the tipeth of mine own fing'rs